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Ever need to calculate how long until a certain date approaches? Ever need to know how long till a birthday is commencing? Well wonder no longer, with our free calculator you can find out the distance in time between two dates at a simple click of a button.

To simply find out how long it is until an event occurs you’ll need two easy to find things, the date of the event and the current date. Then you’ll need to enter this data into the appropriate fields on the web page and the calculator tool will work out the distance for you in a matter of seconds.

By using our calculator, you will find that this simple tool is easy to use and drastically saves time that you would have otherwise spent attempting to work out a difficult calculation to work out a difference in time from one date to another.

Whether your attempting to work out how long it is until Christmas has arrived or whether you’re waiting for a relative to return from an around the world trip, this online calculator application will provide you with its skills and immense mathematical ability to work out an otherwise challenging calculation in an instant.

Many other sites which are similar to ours provide an identical service but usually their sites have clear and obvious flaws. These could be their design; perhaps they look just too unprofessional. Another flaw could be their expectation to the user, we understand that you may be in a rush for time, hence why we make our online application tool so simple to use. We challenge other sites to provide a greater level of efficiency and effectiveness to its users. We believe that the service we provide is of a greater quality also.